Friday, October 22, 2010

New York Court Orders New Foreclosure Vetting, are you fucking serious.

On Wednesday, New York’s top judge said banks will now be required to affirm that documents filed in support of foreclosures are accurate. Judge Jonathan Lippman of New York State Court of Appeals said the requirement is the first of its kind nationwide.

What the fuck.Is it really only now that it has dawned on us to require banks  to "affirm" that documents filled in support of foreclosures are "accurate"? Excuse me. Its is only now that a judge has made this brilliant decision, what the hell was it before? I think this an illuminating reflection of our times, when the decision to check for accuracy in foreclosure is news, not outrage and embarrassment.  I guess, previously banks did not have to have accurate documents, and this wasn't news worthy; before banks and the state took homes from families and individuals with any old document (we all know people aren't punished unless they are doing something wrong). But now, now we have evolved, thank god, for enlightened ideals....the United States is always on the cutting edge of progress. Ya fucking right, more like the bleeding edge--thank you tea party and Dixiecrat. Now, on October 22 20(fucking)10 have decided accuracy is a worthwhile requirement for house stealing. mmm i love progress.

this is why

Wells Fargo: Foreclosure Practices "Sound and Accurate"

In related news, the banking giant Wells Fargo has again dismissed calls to review its foreclosure practices. On Wednesday, Wells Fargo issued a statement calling its procedures "sound and accurate." Wells Fargo has faced scrutiny after a company vice president said she had signed as many as 500 foreclosure documents in a two-hour span without reviewing them nor even understanding what she was signing. Wells Fargo issued the statement as it reported a third-quarter profit of $3.3 billion, the best quarter in its history.

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