Sunday, August 22, 2010

NO NO, I am a Christian! I Pray!

A findings of a recent poll showing that nearly one in five Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. In response to this a White House spokesperson said something to the effect of "no, no! Obama is not a Muslim, he is a Christian who prays every day". It saddening that the white house reflect the same racism that is being found in the study it self-- in a reactive form. The response to polls misidentifying the religious preference of the president is a fearful "oh no he is not a Muslim, he is a Chritian" or something that can be redacted to mean "oh no he's not that bad religion he is the good religion". Why is there a need to clear this misidentification up, by ensuring President Obama is not one of them (Muslim). Now, a proper address of such a poll and finding, accurate or not, would be "So what if the president was a Muslim...this is after-all the land of the free, where each man has a right to what ever god or gods he wishes". It would be nice if the backdrop of anti-Muslim sentiment, where Islam is associated so tightly to evil, bad and wrong and Christianity to the inverse.  What message does this send to the people of the united states, Christians in the world, Muslims in the US, Muslims in the world. what brand of religious of tolerance/secularization can be named in a country that defends itself with "Christianity" from being titled a "Muslim" and never address the fact that what religion the president is makes no case for judgment, of character--a funny brand of tolerance, plurality, heterogeneity and politics, but mainly sad.

So i would like to end this by clearing this up:
if the one in five people were correct and President Obama was a Muslim, this would not effect that type of person Obama is. He would still be a worthy human.  The judgment of Obama should then be made on his person. And if someone thinks you are a Muslim, say one in five people, there is no need to tell everyone they are way wrong and that your a praying Christian, a simple no is enough, no need to protect your status.

Religions don't make people.
People make People.
People are many parts.
no need to defend with chritainty, or defend youself at all.

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